Patrick Borgeat

Hello, my name is Patrick Borgeat. I am a live coder, code-based artist, creative coder and programmer from Germany.

This site is under construction. More information and an archive of performances and projects will follow soon. I might be interested in working with/for you! Don't hesitate to get in touch.


Portrait – Photo by Daniel Bollinger

Current and Ongoing Projects


29.09–03.11.2023Video Editing & Algorithmic Image Manipulation for Anna Priedola – Dairy Diaries @ Great AmberLiepāja (LV)
10–12.10.2023Video Editing for Off<>zz @ HashiConfSan Francisco (US)
Archive of Dates
30.09.2023Technical Realization of AR works for ART+ at @ CoolDigaKuldīga (LV)
21.09.2023Live Coding at @ RIXC FestivalRīga (LV)
16.08.2023paper trees @ Media Art is HereKarlsruhe (DE)
08.06.2023Rockabye @ RetrospektropiaLiepāja (LV)
13.06.2023ARquatic at HashiDays 2023Online/Multi-Site
30.04.2023Benoît and the Mandelbrots @ ARé performing arts festivalYerevan (AM)
28.04.2023Benoît and the Mandelbrots @ ARé performing arts festivalYerevan (AM)
19–23.04.2023International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) 2023Utrecht (NL)
16.04.2023Ben and the Minibrots @ iterative ßpaceKarlsruhe (DE)
27.03.2023Launch, Liepāja Lake VR Experience @ Nature House
w. Liepāja University
Liepāja (LV)
23.03.2023Rockabye & The Pianist Gardener @ Klusuma DabasLiepāja (LV)
10.02.2023CodeLab at ZKM
w. Jia Liu, Alexandra Cárdenas, Olivia Jack & TOPLAP Karlsruhe
Karlsruhe (DE)
10.12.2022Algorave @ ART MACHINES FestivalUtrecht (NL)
29.11.2022Launch, ART+ work: The Pianist Gardener
w. Anne Veinberg & Felipe Ignacio Noriegea
Liepāja (LV)
29.11.2022Launch, ART+ work: Rockabye
w. Krista Dintere
Liepāja (LV)
02.10.2022ARquatic at Hortus NijmegenNijmegen (NL)
29.09.2022Discussion on Augmented Reality at IT-Waffle-MeetupLiepāja (LV)
25.09.2022ARquatic at Hortus AlkmaarAlkmaar (NL)
24.09.2022ARquatic at VlinderhofUtrecht (NL)
17.09.2022ARquatic at Nacht van OntdekkingenLeiden (NL)
11.09.2022ARquatic at Arboretum OudenboschOudenbosch (NL)
04.09.2022ARquatic at Pinetum BlijdensteinHilversum (NL)
22–30.08.2022Nucleus at SchlosslichtspieleKarlsruhe (DE)
09.07.2022Live Coding at on-the-fly.collect(_)Barcelona (ES)
21.05.2022Algorave at Jubez
w. dkyuh, Elmo, luiiuuuiiiii, Lukijanova, Michele Samarotto and Okbaj
Karlsruhe (DE)
06.05.2022Algopolis Algorave at Cukrarna.barLjubljana (SI)
27.02.2022TOPLAP Karlsruhe inaugural live streamKarlsruhe (DE), Online
28–30.01.2022on-the-fly: Live Coding Hacklab at ZKMKarlsruhe (DE)
06–07.12.2021Augmented Reality Workshop at MPLabLiepāja (LV)
05.12.2021Discussing ARquatic at Ch◦re◦graphing C◦dingRotterdam (NL), Online
02.12.2021ARquatic talk and stream at Nottingham UniversityNottingham (UK), Online
25.11.2021Discourse on XR/AR/VR at UPDATE FestivalLiepāja (LV), Online
04.08.2021Ganzfeld @ Festival ExhibitronicStrasbourg (FR)

more to come …